John Cena – The Time Is Now

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[Chorus: John Cena]
Your time is up, my time is now
You can’t see me, my time is now
It’s a franchise, child I’m shinin’ now
You can’t see me, my time is now!

[John Cena]
In box we forgot or fell off I’m still prohibited – hit your bombard off
My income smoke-stack fat and we can’t spin a bloat off
The franchise, doin’ large bid’ness, we live this
It’s involuntary we win this – oh we hear those horns, we finished
A soldier, and we stay underneath we fightin’
Plus I’m stormin’ on we chumps like I’m rumble and lightning
Ain’t no approach we breakin’ me kid, I’m harder than nails
Plus we keep it on lock, like I’m partial of a jail
I’m slaughtering stale, competition, we got a whole retard wishing
they could run with my multiplication though they left fishing –
– with no bait, child your child reason weight
I got my essence straight, we brush your mouth like Colgate
In any continue I’m never improved your boy’s so hot
you’ll never locate me in a subsequent man’s sweater
If they hate, let ‘em hate, we dump ya whole clan
Lay yo’ donkey down for a 3 second tan


[Tha Trademarc]
Yeah, uh
It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be
Five pounds of bravery buddy, drum stain pants with a bullion T
Uh – it’s a fight dance and feat step
A tender position is a gift, when we insist it’s my rep
John Cena, Trademarc, we all are so-so
And speak about a bread we make though don’t know a recipe for mix though
Aimin’ guns in all your photos, that’s a no-no
When this pop, you’ll liplock, your large talk’s a blatant no-show
See what happens when a ice age melt
You see financial standing is not what matters, though it helps
I stone a watch by Benny if any
The same reason y’all could adore me is a same reason y’all reject me
A man’s totalled by a approach that he thinks
Not wardrobe lines, ice links, leather and minks
I spent 20 and years seekin’ believe of self
So for now Marc Predka’s livin’ life for wealth

[Chorus 2x]



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John Cena – The Time Is Now
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