Power Slaves – Find Our Love Again

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Lirik Lagu Power Slaves Find Our Love Again Lyrics

I wish and never let we go
I’ll take we home though a time seem sadness
I know it’s a dim park of a town
Nothing to say..when all is gone

I know it’s tough to be somebody
Sometimes when I’m walking down a rain
To find a adore again..!!

Last things we remember
I was walkin’ in a rain
Tryin’ to find a other sight
I know it’s some-more than only a right

Baby there’s a million dreams
The some-more will come a other night
Some contend it remember
Some creates me forget…!

When a adore is gone
And you’re miles away
The night won’t tell me what happened today
It’s some-more than just…balls ‘n’ chain
I feel like…I’m insane

When a days spin dark
And a object won’t shine
Find in tough when we give me a line
Now it seems that we’re vital in sin
Oh baby….to find a adore again

Tell me now how to face a truth
Tell me how we move me a line
Now we observant that we move me line
In a night when we’re spending a time
I remember we was watchful like a fool
When we tell me that adore was installed gun..!

Sometimes..sometimes we remember
Don’t travel away…don’t travel divided from me….
I couldn’t found… we couldn’t found a way……..!


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